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New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer

Financial issues come upon us as individuals and business owners that sometimes we are unable to cope with on our own. A job loss, a serious illness, divorce, a severe economic downturn, or the arrival of a global pandemic forcing a shutdown of local businesses – any financial emergency, whether sudden and unexpected or slow in coming, can place financial obligations beyond the reach of the debtor to repay without help. Help is available, though, through bankruptcy protection. A bankruptcy filing provides immediate relief in the form of an automatic stay on collection activities. While under protection from creditors, debtors have the breathing room to form a plan to deal with their debt. Individuals, households, small businesses and major corporations all emerge from bankruptcy free of debt or with a lighter debt load, back in control of their finances and ready to move on without the constant stress and worry unmanageable debt can bring.

New York City bankruptcy lawyer Harry D. Lewis is a skilled lawyer with decades of experience helping businesses and consumers make a fresh start. If you are struggling with debt, afraid of losing your home, your car or your business, call the Law Office of Harry D. Lewis for a free consultation. We’ll take the time to sit down with you and understand your situation. We’ll advise you of your options and provide professional assistance and representation throughout the bankruptcy process so you can climb out from under that mountain of debt and set your feet on a better path.

Business Bankruptcy

Our New York business bankruptcy law practice includes helping business owners create a reorganization plan under Chapter 11 or wind down operations in an orderly fashion through Chapter 7. As a debtor in possession during Chapter 11, you can remain in control of your company and continue operations while restructuring debt and finances, dealing with creditors, and putting your business back on the path to profitability and success. We’ll represent you in the meeting of creditors and guide you through the development of a plan that makes sense for your business.

Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy

Creditors have rights in bankruptcy. While they must comply with the terms of a plan approved by the bankruptcy court, they have many opportunities to provide input into those plans along the way or object to a plan that unduly harms their interest. We represent creditors’ rights in bankruptcy, from plan development and confirmation to relief from the automatic stay. An experienced courtroom litigator, New York City bankruptcy lawyer Harry D. Lewis can adequately represent your interests and advocate for you in any adversary proceeding or contested matter that may arise.

Experienced New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer Providing Effective, Lasting Debt Relief

The Law Office of Harry D. Lewis is here to discuss your options for debt relief, whether you would benefit best from bankruptcy, debt settlement or other alternatives. Call our experienced New York City bankruptcy lawyer today for a free consultation, and let us help you take back control of your finances, your company, and your life.

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