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New York City Parliamentary Law Attorney

Parliamentary law is the law of organizations and organizational meetings. Whether you are a corporate board or a public or private group, following a parliamentary procedure can help you conduct meetings and business in an orderly fashion. When hard or controversial decisions have to be made, the process used to arrive at that decision or vote can spell the difference between the decision being successfully upheld or challenged.

New York City parliamentary law attorney Harry D. Lewis is an experienced parliamentarian who advises many non-profits on parliamentary law. The Law Office of Harry D. Lewis can advise you, too, as well as help you challenge or defend the procedures used to arrive at a decision. Call the Law Office of Harry D. Lewis at 212-859-5067 to discuss your needs. Our office is available to advise and assist a wide variety of entities and organizations, including:

  • Homeowners Associations (HOA)
  • Churches
  • Non-profits
  • Corporate boards

Comprehensive Parliamentary Law Assistance

The Law Office of Harry D. Lewis can set up your organization to follow Robert’s Rules of Order or customize a set of rules to meet your particular needs. We’ll create and publish your rules with protocols regarding:

  • Voting
  • Motions
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Elections

When rules are established and followed, meetings and decision-making can proceed in an orderly fashion. Officers and directors, as well as all members of the organization and the public at large, can have confidence in decisions reached when they were made in a predictable, transparent fashion according to accepted rules. The Law Office of Harry D. Lewis is available to help you establish rules or interpret your existing rules and advise you accordingly.

Parliamentary Law and Sources of Conflict

When challenges or conflicts arise over decisions made or the way a body conducts business, these disputes may eventually find their way into court. There, a judge will decide whether the board acted appropriately or not. The judge’s decision will be based on an interpretation of the rules and procedures used, based on arguments and evidence presented by lawyers on both sides of the dispute.

Having parliamentary rules that are clearly and appropriately written, as well as representation from an experienced parliamentary law litigator, are both critical to determining how the court’s ruling will turn out. New York attorney Harry D. Lewis is experienced in litigation related to parliamentary matters. For example, he previously handled Article 78 litigation against a local government in New York for willful and repeated violations of the Open Meetings Law.

Contact Us For Advice and Assistance from an Experienced New York City Parliamentary Law Attorney

Whether you need assistance setting-up rules, training for your board, attendance at meetings, advisory opinions, or resolving conflict inside and outside of the courtroom, the Law Office of Harry D. Lewis is here for you. Call 212-859-5067 to discuss your New York City parliamentary law needs.

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